ABOUT ProAd, Inc.

ProAd, Inc. is located in Oklahoma City, OK and servicing Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado.

We also service many companies all across the US. Having access to so many products it is easy to help everyone with internet catalogs to present exactly what your needs are for any event. ProAd, Inc. is owned by Peggy A. Henley. ProAd has been in business for 35 years....Incorporated in 1981. Customer Service has always been the most important job that ProAd provides. We feel that this is the first and formost important part of our job. Finding the best pricing and following the order to completion with customer satisfaction. Let us help you with any branding needs you have to make your events successful!

What happens without advertising ..... NOTHING !!


Peggy A Henley
PO Box 21851
Oklahoma City, OK 73156
Phone: 405.373.3029
Cell: 214.543.5416
e-Fax: 918.512.4508
EMAIL: phenley@proadinc.com